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Dingtone Fake Call and messeges

●Dingtone Faqs

•what is dingtone.

•How to Send an sms with a dingtone.

•is dingtone free.

•how to send an sms on any network.

•how to earn credits.

•how to Call on dingtone app.

•how to call on any network.

☆Whats is dingtone

dingtone is a mobile aplication we can instal on our pc, laptop, Iphone and android mobile. dingtone is a free fake call aplication that number showing is private.

☆How to send an sms with a dingtone.

simple, we can send sms on dingtone to dingtone application that is no credits required for send sms only we have a internet mb data connection.

☆Is dingtone free.

yes dingtone is a free application we can instal from play store or apps store no any requared money to purchased.

☆How to send an sms on any network

Simple we can send sms of any network from dingtone fake number go to send sms and inter your pakistani or other country number with your country code then write sms and click to send sms.

☆How to earn creadits

simple just a survey of there dingtone ads and send twiter and facebook to get free sharing creadits bonus. Also you can daily click on checkout daily to earn daily creadits.

☆How to call on dingtone Apps.

To call on dingtone apps is easy to go click on dingtone call and you can call your dingtone friends on dingtone.

☆How to call on any network.

we can call to any network tap on call and select your country and type your number and click on call, your call number is not showing is showing that is private number you can hurt to any person from fake call.

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